2021 Chengdu Universiade latest news: 9 countdown devices fully opened
The latest news of the Chengdu Universiade in 2021: 9 countdown devices fully opened Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 2nd, reporters learned from the 2021 Chengdu Universiade Preparatory Committee Office that at present, 9 countdown devices of the Chengdu Universiade have been installed in multiple locations in Chengdu.And has been fully adopted and used.These countdown devices that demonstrate the enthusiasm and vitality of the host have become the new landmarks of Rongcheng punch card.  It is understood that the overall colors of the Chengdu Universiade countdown device are red, yellow, blue and green. The red, green, yellow and blue colors of the device light are interlaced, which constitutes a strong, rich and lasting visual impact, releasing the richness that welcomes Universiade.City, fits green, wisdom, vitality and shared concept of running games.  According to the person in charge of the preparation committee of the Chengdu Universiade, the shape of the large countdown device will be integrated into the U-shaped emblem of the Chengdu Universiade, and it will be presented in a slanted manner, full of movement and space, bringing divergence, breakthrough, and progress.The visual impression embodies the youthful and exciting game spirit of the Universiade.  The small countdown device has various elements and neat organization, which enriches the layered sense of the graphic elements, giving people a bright and wonderful visual experience, expressing youthful and dynamic sports style.These symbolic impressions summarize the attributes and characteristics of the Chengdu Universiade such as sports, activeness, joy, and freedom.  It is reported that the 9 countdown devices of Chengdu Universiade are placed in Taikoo Li, Tianfu Square, Dayun Village, Dong’an Lake, Tianfu Avenue, Shuangliu Airport (T1, T2 Terminal), South Railway Station and East Railway Station.  At present, the countdown device of the Universiade is becoming a new urban landscape in Chengdu.From now on, the whole city of Rongcheng is waiting for the grand event in the countdown.(Reporter Chen Di) Original title: 2021 Chengdu Universiade Countdown Device Fully Activated