“Wrestling!”Dad “Prototype Welcomes Fighting Debut, TKO Korean Player
Ruitu ushered in the first show of fighting.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiang filmed the Indian movie “Wrestling!”Dato’s female prototype Rui Tu Foga ushered in the first game of transformational integrated fighting at the ONE Championship Beijing Station tonight.In the end, she won TKO Korea’s Kim Nam Hee in the first round of an atomic weight match.Rui Tu (left) meets South Korean player Kim Nam Hee.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe is in India, the Ritu family is very famous.father?Javier Singh cultivated his four daughters and two nieces as wrestling champions, eldest daughter Gita participated in the London Olympics, and Ritu also won the Commonwealth athletes wrestling champion.The movie “Wrestling!” Starring Amir Khan!Dad was adapted from the story of the Ritu family.(Extended reading >> Interview with “Wrestling!””Daddy” female prototyping (Ritu)) In March this year, the ONE Championship announced the signing of Ritu Foga, who switched from wrestling to an integrated fighting player.For the past 8 months, Ritu has been training in Singapore to learn boxing and leg techniques.Ritu and his opponent are fighting in the ring.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiang She has been practicing wrestling for the past ten years, which makes her ground skill very skilled.The ONE Championship Beijing Station is the first game of Ritu to turn into a comprehensive martial arts player. The opponent is South Korean Kim Nam Hee.Although not a gold belt fight, Ritu’s identity makes this ordinary women’s atomic weight game a major focus tonight.”Wrestling experience is very useful in general fighting games.”In an interview before the game, Ritu said that he had a good wrestling foundation, and ground skills would be a big advantage.In terms of height, Ritu is nearly 10 cm shorter than Jin Nanxi. Both height and wingspan are not dominant. The ground will be an important factor in the direction of the game.Ruitu wins with TKO.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang photo surely, Ritu is very skilled in the use of ground technology tonight against Kim Nam Hee Si.After a simple trial, Ruitu directly fell on Jin Nanxi, and the two immediately entered a ground battle.Although Jin Nanxi broke free from Ritu’s ground struggle twice, he was unable to get rid of it the third time.Ruitu caught Jin Nanxi’s left arm and thumped on his face.In the end, Ruitu TKO Jinnanxi ushered in his first win in mixed combat.Ritu ‘s first show of fighting started.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang Sherutu thanked her father and sisters after the game.After deciding to transform into comprehensive fighting, Ritu had the support of her family. Her parents had originally decided to come to Beijing to help her daughter, but she gave up her trip to China because she wanted to handle her sister’s wedding.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin