2015 NBA Finals sixth game starter: LBJ has no way to retreat
On June 17, Beijing time, the sixth game of the NBA Finals returned to Cleveland.In the first five games, the Cavaliers fell behind the Warriors 2 to 3, and there was no retreat in today’s battle.  James is facing an unprecedented test. After the star teammates have retreated, he led the team alone.Whether someone can stand up to help him today and turn the tide is worth paying attention to.LeBron, win or go home!  The Warriors must hope to end the battle today. After winning the Tianwang Mountain, the morale of the Curry is booming, and they are launching their final impact on the championship trophy.  The following are the starting points of the two parties: Cavaliers: Delavidova, Champer, James, Thompson, Mozgov Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Iguodala (new body)